Habb Al Saad

Who we are

Villa Queen is an event and exhibition company that is taking the fashion world by storm. We established ourselves in 2014 with a base in Qatar. Villa queen’s model revolves in organizing exquisite exhibitions to bring the local community with high end fashion from local and international brands. As a leading exhibition organization, we are proud to have become a true success story for ourselves and exhibitors. Our proven record of organizing and hosting more than 40 successful exhibitions through over 9 years, has enabled us to build a successful networking platform within the fashion industry.

At Villa Queen, we believe in the power of creativity and building a flagship event for the benefitt of our stakeholders.

Luvrita Agency

Luvrita Agency is a Qatar based production and event management company established in 2019.

Our corporate partners rely on us to provide reliable and high-quality production and event services, all under a single roof.

Luvrita Agency’s new event capabilities allow us to go further and beyond what’s expected to generate indispensable value for our clients.

Now? Our eyes are set on making our presence known internationally.  In just a few years, we’ve managed to take our operations and projects from Qatar to the rest of the world.

This is why Luvrita stands at the forefront of the entertainment industry today.